About Roots to Growth

We offer a place to gather, grow, learn, share and be inspired. A place to plant, tend, care, harvest, cook and to enjoy. A place where people gain a connection to the land, work with it, embracing the natural cycles and seasons, being in harmony and creating a sense of personal peace.

A place that supports individuals, yet reaches beyond into the local communities and their sustainability. A place that doesn't just create community on site but supports new communities, friendships and networks in the surrounding areas.

A place of love, laughter, fun, joy, smiles and great food! A place where you can breathe in life and it also sticks to your feet!

butterfly1We run therapeutic groups, community days and workshops offering opportunities to achieve therapeutic, educational and vocational goals. We also offer the opportunity for companies to spend to the day on site, team building and doing their bit towards social responsibility.

We know that nature offers an amazing therapeutic space that allows us to learn, grow and support others in a variety of creative ways that break through barriers to foster healing and transformation. This is a space that is not prescriptive and defined, but fluid and resourceful. This reflects and enhances how we can engage people and how they can benefit from a therapeutic setting.

about roots to growth

We are trying to achieve a new community where people are invited in and accepted who ever they are, whatever they are feeling, however they are behaving. A community where acceptance is paramount, alongside forgiveness, love and support. We are trying to achieve a place of relaxation, recuperation, rejuvenation and belonging. A place of trust and commitment in working alongside others to encourage empowerment. An environment that inspires learning and a sharing of skills and passions.

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A typical day
starts by getting the fire going and the kettle on. We like to start each group by saying hello and having a catch-up around the fire.

The activities for the day are written up on the board and we sort groups to work together. These activities range from the growing, tending and harvesting of produce to cooking to craft activities or site maintenance and usually there is something for everyone's enjoyment.

butterflyWe normally work for a couple of hours before stopping for our communal lunch that a group will have cooked on the campfire. The recipes vary but are all about harvesting the produce we have and creating great meals from them. Although we work for a while people are always welcome to take a break, grab a drink and rest by the fire or in a quiet spot on site. After lunch we have another work session of an hour or so before finishing with a tidy up, drink and review of the day.

Generally staff are on site from 9.30 -4.30, volunteers 10-3.30 and groups 10.30-3. That gives staff time to get prepared and finish off, volunteers time to do the same and the groups get a reasonable, but not too long, day. Volunteers are offered extra time to chat if they feel there is something they want to talk through or get support with.



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