Our Produce

Our produce

What we grow

We grow fruit and vegetables in our 6 acre garden on the fertile land and in our three poly tunnels.  Our site used to be a pick your own farm a long time ago and we still have established fruit rows which bear some beautiful juicy berries throughout the spring, summer and autumn.  We also grow an abundance of tomatoes including some heritage and unusual varieties, green and yellow courgettes, vibrant leafy greens like kale and cavolo nero, squashes and herbs for example.  Our hedgerows are a foragers delight.  We also have happy free-range chickens on our land which had finished their commercial laying and still produce lovely eggs.  We harvest our produce and cook lunch for our volunteers with it.

Our standards

Our produce is chemical free and grown in harmony with nature although we do not have organic certifcation due to the cost implications.  

Who we sell to

We sell our produce predominantly to How It Should Be, an independent supermarket in Brighton and Florence Road Market in Brighton.  We also sell some of our produce to volunteers, local people and charities like Auntie Vals who turn it into delicious jams and chutneys.  If you are a charity or company interested in buying our produce, please get in touch.

Renting growing space

We are happy to consider renting growing space to you in either our polytunnels or on our land if you are happy to work alongside our community and growing principles.  At the moment, we rent a bed to an Asian restaurant in Brighton to grow specific herbs! Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Zoe, to discuss your needs.