Funders and Supporters

Our funders:

We have been very priviledged to receive various funding from organisations which we have used to develop our land, resources and our therapeutic work.  Special thanks to:

  • The Postcode Lottery who are currently providing funding for us to plant an edible resource hedge along the boundary of our land.  This will be very useful for encouraging biodiversity, providing privacy, providing wild food and foraging experiences, resource provision.  It will also provide the opportunity for fun, creativity, developing expertise and leadership and teamwork skills as we work to put the hedge in.  The Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery (
  • A4A
  • Sussex Community Foundation
  • Brighton and Hove Innovation Fund

Our corporate sponsors:

We are incredibly lucky to have been leased the land from the Wiston Estate and they support us in a multitude of ways.

The Dudman group have kindly donated to us each year to help us out with various projects.  In our first year they contributed hard standing for our shipping container and ground clearance for a polytunnel.  They then helped with  ground clearance for new beds to go in. This year they have completed a new hard standing area for a car park for our volunteers and visitors.

Dudman 1Dudman 2Dudman 3Dudman4


We are lucky to have received a shipping container from Higgidy which has provided secure on-site storage.